I have found that there are difficult times in most people's lives when you need someone to listen to you and help you find the way forward. Some people come with a specific difficulty that they want to work through. Other people are less clear, though know that they are struggling and need help.

People decide to come to therapy for many different reasons. Some examples are:

Initial session

The initial assessment session is to explore your best hopes for therapy and what has motivated you to seek help at this time. There will be ample time and opportunity for you to talk freely and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about therapy. If you decide that you would like me to work with you we would discuss practical details like frequency and times of sessions.

What is therapy?

Therapy means treatment! I am experienced and skilled in many different types of counselling and mental health therapies and offer highly individualised treatment for each person that I see. Everyone I meet is unique and special. As you come to trust me as your therapist, you will find that you can speak openly, in confidence, knowing that you are accepted and valued. For some people being listened to properly is enough. Many people need more than just being listened to. I can help you to understand yourself better, and most importantly how to bring about constructive change leading to a more meaningful and purposeful life.