"I was very wary about speaking to someone professionally, but you put me at my ease immediately and are so easy to talk to. I can tell you anything!"
- Person discussing personal problems and needing to feel accepted.

"You have taught me how to value myself, how to really live not just exist"
- A lady with very low self esteem, resulting from a traumatic childhood.

"You have helped my muddled, confused thoughts become clearer. I can see the way forward now"
- A person struggling with a difficult relationship.

"The help and support you’ve given us has been 100% excellent"
- A couple struggling with the wife’s disabling anxiety and fears.

"I so wish my GP had referred me to you earlier as I wouldn’t have missed 18 months of my life."
- A lady with acute agoraphobia who was able to go out alone and with confidence after 2 sessions with me.

"If only I’d met you 20 years ago to teach me how to manage my anxiety and stress. My life can be so different now – how can I thank you"
- A businessman who has struggles for many years with managing work stress.

"After struggling with the trauma of a serious car accident - I am now no longer fearful and am able to enjoy a full life again, to drive and feel safe in and around traffic."
- a man involved in a serious car accident resulting in increasing anxiety, nervousness and avoidance of situations involving traffic in general.